Ego Booster

Okay, I know I am all about fashion and trends and what not, but tonight I am feeling a bit empowered.

We see celebrities on TV, on Billboards, in Ads, we listen to them on the radio some of us dream of being one while others dream of dating one.  We look at them and think “OMG they are so beautiful” and we start to measure ourselves up to those standards and always fall short.  In the age of Photoshop it’s unrealistic to try and look like porcelain with a pore-less face and no zits.

Ladies, we are all beautiful and just because we can’t afford the best retoucher on the planet nor the miracle-making makeup artist, celebrities should NEVER be the standard for which we base our beauty on.

The images you see on TV and magazines are a false ideal and an empty promise of youth and perfection.  An ideal not even celebrities can keep up with.  So next time you see Jennifer Lopez gracing the cover of Vogue looking like a perfect mannequin just repeat to yourself “nobody ever looks like tha, not even her.”  Let’s teach our young girls to stop worrying about wrinkles when they have none, to stop worrying about makeup when they don’t need it, to stop worrying about pores because they’ll always be there, and stop idolizing celebrities because they are just like us.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but in Hollywood beauty is in the hands of the graphic designer.



Let’s be gorgeous and remember how REAL these celebs just are: