Music Exclusive Interview: Yerr

Musical mastermind and beat-genius, Yerr, has just emailed me exclusive promo material. This West VA, native who calls the city of Miami home, is definitely on his way to blowing up! His intense array of beats and production are a demonstration of his passion for music but also his comprehension of sound.

Want to know more about Young Yerr? I have some exclusive info straight from the source! Check out our chat, and find out what is next for Yerr, what he thinks is missing in music and exciting new partnerships:

Me: You’re from West Virginia?

Yerr: yea I was raised there
by way of Boston

Me: at what age did you get to Miami? And why MIA out of all places?

Yerr: 17 …. loved the environment scenery and city life it was enticing but yet challenging

Me: I bet! and my question is this promo? is it for a Mixtape push? What is the next step?

Yerr: I’m just in the studio everyday working diligently trying to master my craft and working on not only being the best I can be… but working towards becoming an Innovator currently I have a partnership with SoulKatz Productions who have done work with Britney Spears, G-Unit, Wale, Mario and More

Me: And among so many producers, who are young and talented, how do you think you will innovate music? What do you think is missing?

Yerr: I want to to innovate music by doing things unorthodox and simply doing what I feel is “Hot” or “cool”… at a time I used to be worried about conforming my self to hip hop rules or radio … but now I’m just doing what I feel inside my mind … I feel like a lot of essence and creativity is missing a lot of artists feel like they have to make certain records to appeal to a mass amount of people to succeed or get radio play which I feel restricts creativity and artistry

Me: Who has influenced you in your music and style?

Yerr: Everybody from all the legendary greats to relevant artists and producers today… But I would definitely say Swizz Beatz & Ryan Leslie 2 extremely creative guys

Me: Definitely! well I am excited to see where you go, after watching you murder on the MPC1000 video there is no doubt in my mind you can make it.

And here I leave you with the famous MPC1000 video I am talking about, he slays a Meek Mill ft Rick Ross song!