MUSING: Sound Off on A$AP ROCKY ?

Ah, the occasional controversial post. Here it goes.

I read somewhere on Huffington Post (actually the article is linked) that fashionista rapper A$AP Rocky expressed his disdain toward women of darker color wearing red lipstick.  I’ve linked the article in which you can read verbatim what he said ( I don’t feel the need to quote the whole thing).

In a nutshell he states, ” I feel like with the red lipstick thing it all depends on the pair of complexion. I’m just being for real. You have to be fair skinned to get away with that.” (via Huffington Post).

What do you ladies think? Was he out of line? What are your views on makeup, red lipstick and male rappers or men in general stating their opinion on it? 

* I will say this as MY opinion.  Ladies, we SHOULD NOT let the views of others ever stray us from doing what makes us happy and looking how we choose.  Often times we let the outside influences like the media and celebrities cloud our views of beauty and what is realistic.  In my opinion, women of darker complexion can pull of any color they want.  Makeup is a form of expression and one persons’ very ignorant opinion shouldn’t make an entire group of people ever feel uncomfortable.

Don’t let these rappers, celebrities and the media cloud your judgement on what real beauty is and what “perfect” is. “Perfect” doesn’t exist.  Celebrities have an outrageous amount of money. They have the luxury to splurge on cosmetic procedures to give the illusion of perfection and sell it to us normal women. Don’t buy it for a minute. They have flaws too, and without makeup look like you and me.