Chanel Summer 2013: L’Ete Papillon de Chanel

chanel summer 2013 makeup

It is May (yes I know I am a few days late on the development) but with a new month comes some new makeup.

I am not a HUGE Chanel hoarder. I feel that a lot of the things you pay $60 for from Chanel could be duped with other makeup brands that are, well, more budget friendly. Nevertheless there is a time when a really high-end brand outdoes itself and brings something truly unique to the table, enter Chanel.

For their Summer 2013 collection (out this month), they took inspiration from the beautiful colors of a butterfly and you can see it translate perfectly onto their collection especially in their mascaras. TO DIE FOR! No seriously, the most BEAUTIFUL and unique mascara colors I have seen… and I have been avidly searching.

The colors are : Zesty (yellow), Lime Light (pastel or soft green), Aqua Blue (green-blue), Blue Note (electric Blue), and of course Noir (black, in french duh).

For the lips and nail varnishes they stick to the script with some beautiful corals and some greens and blues thrown in the nail polish collection.

Check out the full collection: here!