Updated Makeup Storage

*This post is heavy on pictures!

So I know I posted a picture of when I first started buying makeup and where I used to store it. I used to hold all of my makeup in a Sephora makeup case, and for a long time it did me quite justice. Obviously any makeup addict knows that space quickly becomes an issue.

I remember watching an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, or maybe it was Kim and Kourtney Take New York (either way doesn’t matter) and I saw that the girls had an awesome acrylic makeup box in which they stored all of their goodies.  After much research I realized that the acrylic storage box they owned was way out of my league ( the price tag was in the 100s) and so my quest continued.

Enter Muji USA. Muji is an Asian product line that encompasses functionality and design into their products ( I love that) it also has some amazingly cool things that won’t break the bank ( I love that too).  They have a line of acrylic storage boxes that look A LOT like the one Kim and Kourtney Kardashian own.  The Muji ones are smaller and obviously cheaper but the quality is amazing and durable. I started off with 3 and recently (last week actually) I bought two more.

Check out my updated makeup storage:

makeup storage

lipstick lipgloss makeup storage

eye shadow storage

bronzer storage

liptar occ storage