Tip: 2 Ways to Deep Clean Your Makeup Brushes

One of the most important things a girl who loves to put on makeup (almost daily in my case) can do is to clean her brushes. Whether you spot clean every day (which I recommend) or deep clean your brushes, there are many ways to do it.

I know some of you are wondering what is the difference between spot cleaning and deep cleaning so here it goes:

Spot cleaning is when you clean it or sanitize it for immediate use.  I usually spot clean when I am applying different shades with the same brush.

Deep cleaning your brushes is the process of getting all of the dirt and pigment out of your brushes and then letting them air dry overnight. Every makeup guru has a different way of doing it but I have two different methods that work just about the same.  I usually alternate between methods depending on my mood and the condition of my brushes.

makeup brushes

These are my two preferred deep cleaning methods:

1. Dove Soap Bar: Purchase a bar of Dove Soap (for sensitive skin if you are prone to breakouts) and first dampen your brush then lightly rub your brush against the bar of soap.  Once the brush has enough soap on it, rub the brush between your fingers and get all of the dirt and product out.  Rinse your brush, repeat if the water doesn’t run completely clear.  Dry your brush with a clean paper towel or hand towel and sit your brush on the edge of a table, counter or vanity or hang upside down.

2. Antibacterial Dish Washing Soap and Extra Virgin Olive Oil: This is the tried and tested method preferred by most people.  First off, it is cost efficient and second of all it gets the brushes sanitized, cleaned most importantly moisturized. Moisturizing your brushes is important especially if you own a lot of goat or animal bristled brushes.

On a plate squeeze out ANTIBACTERIAL dish washing soap (when in doubt always stick to Dawn) and on the other side of the plate pour a small (really minimal) amount of EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL.  Once you have dampened your brush you will lightly dip it into the Olive Oil first then deep it into the dish washing soap.  NOTE: When dipping, make sure you do not douse your brush in Olive Oil, just a small amount enough to help condition your brush.

Once you have dipped your brush into both of your liquids begin to rub and rinse your brush as you normally would till the water runs clear.  If the water doesn’t run clear right away do not be afraid to repeat the process.  Rinse your brush thoroughly, dry with a clean towel or paper tissue and hang upside down to dry or on its side (NEVER let a brush dry in it’s normal STANDING position; this can damage the brush, loosen your bristles and loosens the glue inside the brush that holds the whole thing together).


ALWAYS dry your brushes on their side or upside down.  Getting water into the ferrule will loosen the glue that holds it together, which in turn can cause bristle fallout and make your entire brush and handle fall apart.

ALWAYS wash out all of the soap out of your brushes and dry clean it with a CLEAN towel or tissue.  Remember the brush goes on your FACE so be mindful about the products you clean them out with. If you have sensitive skin you can also use Johnson and Johnson Baby soap in replacement of the dish washing soap.