#TheBeautyConvo: My Problem with the Term “Nude” in Fashion and Beauty

For those of you who do not know, some of my background lies in fashion and one term that has always been throw around and misconstrued  is the word “nude.”  I am Latina and although I am pretty fair, I cringe at the term because it is so limited.  Most of the time the color beige or Ivory is considered “nude” but then I think about all of my medium to darker skin girls… what is nude for them?

I do not know how many times I have seen editorials throw the term “nude” on a dark-skinned beauty wearing something that is clearly NOT nude on her. It is offensive and in my opinion creates an illusion that “nude” is the same for everyone when in fact, there are so many women who are beautiful and dark who go shopping for shoes and clothes only to be disappointed that the “nude” product they are trying to purchase is obviously 5 shades too light.

So what is “nude”? Should there be a better system to color match in fashion and beauty or should “nude” stay limited to those of us who are obviously on the fairer side? Is it wrong? Doesn’t it seem borderline discriminatory? The answer might be different for everyone but what I do know (at least for myself) is that the color “nude” is meant to create the illusion of bareness , the illusion of blending into one’s own skin.  So is the color still “nude” if the girl wearing it is obviously darker?

Just something I thought about, there is no right or wrong answer, just what we perceive as such.  What do you think about the term “nude” in reference to women of color?