How To: Clean Your Beauty Blender

I just got a Beauty Blender not too long ago. Yes, I fell victim to the hype and I must say: It was worth it.  In fact, the Beauty Blender has replaced both of my very trusty foundation brushes, and is now my go-to method of foundation application!

One of the biggest hurdles about the Beauty Blender (which isn’t really a hurdle at all) is how to clean the damn thing! Well After watching endless amounts of Youtube Vids and trying and testing every method I could without going bankrupt, I have figured that out.  Below you will find a somewhat sloppy pictorial and beneath that I will add a step-by-step on how to do get your Beauty Blender nice and spotless!

Read on! And if you have any cool and cheap ways to get your Beauty Blenders or brushes clean, comment and let me know! 🙂

Beauty Blender cleaning part 1

beautyblender cleaning part 2

How to:

1. Wet your BB, get it nice and damp.

2. On a plate or bowl (or whatever) pump one side of Antibacterial Dawn Dish Washing Soap and a small dash of EVO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

3. Take your wet BB and dip it lightly into the EVO then into Dawn. Spot clean it by dipping it into the part of the Beauty Blender with the highest concentration of product or dirt.

4. Rub and kneed creating a nice lather.  Rub and kneed under running water and get all of that nasty product out. Squeeze the BB until the water is running clear, making sure that no soap is left INSIDE the beauty blender.

5. Repeat the process if need be.

6. Squeeze your now clean Beauty Blender dry, to ensure maximum dryness, squeeze your Beauty Blender onto a CLEAN towel.

7. Place your clean Beauty Blender somewhere flat to dry… and voila!


* Use ANTIBACTERIAL dish washing soap that is safe for hands. Dawn is a great choice. It works on oily animals, it works on you too! 

* When rubbing and squeezing product out of your Beauty Blender, be mindful of long nails or being too rough on it.  You could end up ruining your Beauty Blender. 

* Make sure you pump and squeeze your Beauty Blender under running water to make sure you get all of the soap out of your BB. 

* Don’t be excessive with the Olive Oil ( a small drop will do). 

*This cleaning method is also good on brushes with natural and synthetic bristles 🙂