THIS JUST IN: My Day Designer by Whitney English

New year, new me?

Not quite.  But the notion of being able to start on a clean slate is just too tempting to not try and have a resolution or two.  My first thought was to purchase myself a “big girl” planner.  Before I go further, I know this blog is specifically designed and was created in the attempt to share my love of makeup with you all. This post is random but I just love my Whitney English Day Designer so much that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to post about it.

I came across Whitney English on Etsy, and it was love at first sight.  The planner is chic and stylish, but most importantly it really does help you plan.  Big goals and little goals alike.  Her attention to detail with this planner is amazing. From the gold corners to the tabs, to the cute little motivational quotes for every day of the year.

I look forward to putting my planner to good use! I decided ” I will purchase a planner to help solidify my ideas for the blog.” And I ask… what do you want to see more of? I want this blog to be a reflection of normal girls who love makeup. I am by no means a MUA or beauty editor (although one day I know I will). I am simply a person with a makeup addiction who has self-taught herself everything she knows. I want to share with you but most importantly want you all to share with me! But back to my Day Designer…

Here’s a look-see  🙂

thdaydesigner by Whitney English

Upon arrival you can tell they (the people at Whitney English) pay incredible attention to detail.  This baby came carefully wrapped and with beautiful postcards to add a personalized touch.  The Day Designer was made with us busy girls in mind.  It has basically everything you could want in a planner. Space for notes, tabs that help organize your months, worksheets to lay out goals in and so much more.

I can’t wait to continue planning the rest of my year in my planner!

You can buy your own Day Designer here.

xxoo- Rai.