The Beauty Convo: Makeup and Insecurity

I spend a lot of time online.  I am constantly on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (to name a few) and I am always reading commentary.  Not so long ago a reoccurring topic surfaced again on Twitter, and I thought to myself: perhaps I should address it on my blog.  First and foremost this blog is about my love for makeup, it’s also a blog in which I will openly discuss pressing issues in the fashion and beauty community, because they hit close to home and because I am not the only person talking about them.

The issue: makeup and its direct correlation to insecurity. At first glance it seems to many as though makeup bloggers, enthusiasts and artists are…insecure.  I believe that the linear thinking on their part goes like this: Girl looks in mirror, girl sees flaw, girl goes to Sephora and purchases makeup to hide said flaw, girl applies makeup and hides flaw, girl looks in mirror and sees new flaw…the process repeats.

This simply just isn’t the case.  At least not for all of us.  You see to some of us it’s simply something fun.  We get to artistically express how we are feeling and who we want to be that day.  On the surface, sure, makeup is intended to help beautify, hide flaws and enhance features, but don’t ASSUME that women who wear makeup are not secure women.  In fact, many if not most, of us are.  I think I am beautiful in my own unique way.  Makeup doesn’t make me any less myself or any more attractive.

I’ve been on earth long enough to know that wearing makeup doesn’t mean a woman is insecure or has body image issues. In my opinion, makeup is art. It is a way we can change our routine and feel a certain way; whether it be sexy, innocent, sultry or like a diva.  Makeup is a fun outlet that you can easily remove from your face.

Now where does makeup stop being art and becomes a crutch for women with insecurity issues? Is the woman who can’t step out without a trace of makeup on her face insecure?  Is makeup just another curtain to hide behind? Ladies… Does wearing makeup feed insecurities? Lessen them? What do you feel makeup does for you?

I, for one, will say I am not an insecure female, no matter how much makeup I wear and how often I choose to do so.

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xxoo- Rai.