#TheBeautyConvo: The Cost of Being “Her”

Being a girl is expensive!

My blog is a reflection of one of my greatest passions: makeup and beauty, but I want it to be a platform for us girls to rant about the woes of being not just a girl, but being “that girl”… Her!

Growing up I was pretty much a tomboy, I had no female curves, or the lure of a beautiful set of well-behaved hair and doe eyes that attracted the boys. In fact, you probably couldn’t tell I was a girl till I squealed in excitement when Britney Spears played on the radio.

Come college, I started to fill in the right spots. Boobs, butt, the whole 9 womanly yards.  Then it happened, I fell in love with makeup and inconsequentially threw all of my efforts into looking good. Not for a guy, or for  other girls to roll jealous eyes at me. I simply do it because makeup is fun. A relatively affordable way to feel good, a quick fix for the rainy days!

Ah, with 45+ lipticks, 7 or more foundations and thousands upon thousands of Sephora points accumulated… it hit me.  This shit is expensive!

But this post isn’t relative to makeup.  It’s about the cost of being “pretty.” Whatever standard of beauty are we even following?  Not just for makeup, for everything!  Women spend money on mani/pedis, on creams that promise to erase years off your face, on body enhancement.

Body enhancement, sigh. My sister got her body cosmetically redone, much to my disdain (after she had twins and confused her stomach with a potato sack).  She was thrilled! Pain and a few “fixes” later she just found another thing wrong that she thinks needs fixing.  I told her ” is it an addiction or do you really think something is wrong with that right butt cheek?” It was a serious question.

I am all for people getting cosmetic surgery so long as it’s tasteful. So long as it DOES enhance your beauty.  But I am not obsessed with that notion of beauty that dictates that all women should be hourglass figures with perfect EVERYHTHINGS. I believe even more in women being comfortable! And women doing whatever they do to themselves, FOR themselves.

  I get it, some women want an ass and some tits to go with it, but why? Why the surge in women altering their bodies to look identical?  Why the surge in women who so severely deform their bodies in the hopes of looking “desirable?” And who are they looking desirable for? Men? Other women? Themselves?

I believe in everything in moderation. Excess to me screams of insecurity and unhappiness. It’s costly… to buy the makeup, to buy the hair, to buy the body, to buy the nails… All of it.

So ladies, what is your cost? Where do you draw the line in your desire to look pretty? What is too much and what is just right? Are we doing this because this is what society says we need to do? Are we doing it for nobody else but ourselves? What is the driving force behind more and more women not accepting what they have been given and “fixing” parts of their bodies that nothing is wrong with?

What are your thoughts? Do you feel the pressure to be “perfect” or to be “prettier?”

The price of beauty has never been higher.