SWATCH Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip Glosses in Rambutan and Strawberry

Brand: Bite Beauty 

Collection: Lush Fruit Lipgloss

Colors: Rambutan (Nude) and Strawberry (Pink)

Bite Beauty Swatches Rambutan and Strawberry

I love Bite Beauty! I discovered this brand while I was walking past the aisle at Sephora, I remember not seeing much else, only a few shades of lipsticks and lip pencils. I bought a lip pencil and LOVED it (super moisturizing and rich in pigment).

These two lip glosses were impulse buys (I noticed this time around that the brand has added A BUNCH of stuff to their line!).  The nude, Rambutan, reminds me of a perfect, glossy, Kim Kardashian lip.  The pink, Strawberry, is just a beautiful day shade.  You really can’t go wrong with a baby pink and a nude, can you?

The glosses smell of fruit, hence the name.  They also taste a bit fruity (but it isn’t overwhelming). They are super pigmented, go on smoothly and have a thicker consistency (remind me of the MAC Lip Glasses) but have a longer staying power than the MAC Lip glasses. It is packed with natural fruit oils, and leaves your lips feeling smooth.

What I really love about these is the amazing shine and lasting power. The packaging is super cute as well with their signature grey caps. They go for $22 at Sephora (Sephora is the exclusive retailer for this brand). I highly recommend these glosses and this brand in general, never disappointed.

Have you tried any Bite Beauty goodies? How do you like them?