Exciting News! Beauty Lovers Rejoice!

Hope everyone is doing good and dandy, as for me, I’ve got a ton of good news 🙂

First off I am adding a bunch of new segments and features to my blog.  As always I will keep this blog an open forum for makeup lovers, addicts and junkies to freely discuss all of their beauty hit and misses along with me.

I’m working with some amazing MUAs and models to get inside scoop on what products and trends work and which don’t.  Who better to ask than those who play with makeup as part of their jobs? 🙂

I’ve got a Behind The Scenes picture of what’s to come, because I hear that BTS pics are very in!

Check out one of my amazing friends/professional makeup artists, and get familiar with him, you will see him a ton: TJ Romeland > Follow him on IG: @iamTJRomeland 

We were able to work with amazing photographer Marvel Bishop (make sure to check him out as well, he’s dope).

Last but deff not least, I’ve got some amazing reviews and swatches!  If there is anything you would like me to try, makeup, skincare, cocktail (hahahaha) drop me an email: raisayanira@gmail.com (I always try to respond).

Here’s a sneak peek:

tj romeland themakeupwhoreder bts MUA

Setting up shop for an amazing beauty shoot!

Stay tuned beauties!