#TheBeautyConvo: How Often Do You Wear Makeup? What Does it Say About You?

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Today the topic is about how often we wear makeup and what it says about us.

I spend a lot of time on Twitter and IG, and dare I say, Facebook; and I see women who wear makeup daily getting a lot of flack from both men and women.

To go even further, they criticize how often you wear whatever amount of makeup you choose to wear, for example:

– I hate girls who wear makeup to the grocery store.

-I hate girls who wear makeup every day.

-I hate girls who wear makeup to work.

-I hate girls who wear a lot of makeup every day.

HATE is a strong word.  I don’t think anyone could actually hate another individual based solely on how much and how often they wear makeup.  If so, you’re weird.

But why are women who wear makeup daily getting so much flack? What does it say about them?

I wear makeup more often than not.  To put it into perspective, I asses how long I will be out of the house. If I will be out and about for a long time I usually do wear makeup because a busy gal like me never knows where the day will take her. But to each their own, wearing makeup often doesn’t make me a bad person, an ugly girl or an insecure individual. So why the hate toward females who put ANY effort into the way they look?

I think we should all live and let live.  If you don’t wear makeup, wear it sometimes, or every day:

GOOD FOR YOU! Go on with your sexy self!

Ladies, how often do you wear makeup? Do girls who wear it daily REALLY bother you that much? If so, why? I kinda wanna know…