#TheBeautyConvo: Filters and Photoshop? How Much is Too Much

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We love in a world where pictures are as deceiving as ever.  With programs like Photoshop at everyone’s disposal and apps like Instagram allowing for filters galore… what beauty is real beauty? As a beauty blogger I am all too aware of the MUAs who smooth out their skin to almost pore-less perfection for the sake of making their makeup appear clean and flawless.  But do we need to photoshop even images we put up on social media on our day to day looks? Are we so obsessed with hiding flaws that we inadvertently filter and fix our faces for every single picture?

I mean, nobody wants to have pictures of them with dark circles and pimples floating around, but are we “selling” a notion of fake, unattainable beauty when we smooth out even pictures that are unrelated to makeup? And when our pictures are tweaked for professional purposes are we fixing too much? Is there a rule of thumb as to how much SHOULD photoshop?

We know about the dangers of photoshop; how it can shave years and pounds off a person.  I really dislike when celebrities get photoshopped to the point of no recognition.  There is something to say about our society and its infatuation with perfection when even celebs who don’t need tweaking get the severe photoshop treatment.  Even worse, when photoshop , a tool that is essentially supposed to FIX things makes a celeb or any person look worse!

Ladies, what are your thoughts on filters and photoshop? Do you use these features if so why? And how often? Any rules you keep in mind when editing your pictures? Is it ever too much?

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