SWATCH: MAC BY REQUEST Lipsticks in Hoop and Glam

Brand: MAC Cosmetics

Collection: MAC By Request

Colors:  Hoop (Midtone-rosy pink) and Glam (Vivid pinky red)





Can a girl ever have enough lipsticks? Don’t answer that.  At any rate, I finally got the two lipsticks I ordered from from their MAC By Request collection.  For those of you unfamiliar with this line, MAC often times turns to the public when looking for inspiration for potential re-releases.  It so happens, that this time around 3 lipsticks won the popular vote (meaning: people really wanted MAC to bring these classics back into rotation).  There is Poodle (didn’t buy that one), Hoop (the pink) and Glam (the vivid red-pink).

I won’t go into too much detail about the lipsticks themselves.  For those of you who have never purchased a MAC lipstick, do yourself the favor and buy at least one (every girl deserves at least ONE MAC lippie!).  Both Hoop and Glam are matte, but they are easy to work with, don’t tug at your lips and have amazing color payoff.  When it comes to longevity they stay on pretty standard  time.  Glam stood on for about 6 hours before turning into a stain like color which I also kind of loved.

These babies retail for $16 so unless you really love these colors don’t go out of your way to buy them, unless you are like me and need to have at least one thing from a LE collection (for bragging purposes ONLY). 

From what I know, all three lipsticks have a lipglass companion (which I also didn’t purchase), and there are some eyeshadows that MAC also re-released. I think they should keep Hoop as a permanent lip color. What do you think?

So what did you get from the MAC By Request collection? Share with me! 

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What did you get from the MAC By Request collection?