SWATCH: Milani Cosmetics Lip Intense in Fiery Coral

Brand: Milani Cosmetics

Collection: Lip Intense Gloss

Color: Fiery Coral

Milani Lip Intense Fiery Coral4

Milani Lip intense in Fiery Coral5

I don’t know if I have said this already in previous posts, but I really love Milani as a brand (especially their lip products).  I am especially in love with their lip glosses.

I bought this Lip Intense liquid lipstick in Fiery Coral and that color payoff is what ultimately made me fall in love.  For about $7 bucks if you want a gloss/liquid lipstick with serious color payoff, this is it.  The color is, well, intense!  It is very bright! Perfect for summer.

The texture is that of a liquid lipstick except for the fact that it doesn’t set to a dry or matte finish.  It is smooth and wears well and for quite a few hours.  I got so many compliments on this color, especially because it does have a slight shine to it, although it is nothing like a lip gloss.

A little goes a long way with this, and the packaging is adorable, it feels sturdy in the hands and the gold accents make it super cute.  Overall another good lip product by Milani, although one thing that DID throw me off, was the name… I mean “Fiery Coral”?  This color is much more like a hot pink than it is a coral.  But I won’t let a name snafoo deter me from buying some more colors!  But please do be aware that this color leans toward the pink side, not the coral side 🙂