TheMakeupWhoreder Loves Mavatar


I know that a few days ago I announced through my social channels (make sure you follow me on those) that I had some exciting news regarding a new milestone here at theMakeupwhoreder.  And here I am, officially announcing it.

I am so excited to let you guys in on my little secret and my collabo with Mavatar.  I am one of the very select few (for now) to be a Mavatar Connect editor.  I will share beauty looks and products I love with you, my readers, and to Mavatar users in a unique program that facilitates online shopping and helps us all save big bucks on the looks and trends we love the most.

How? You ask.  Good question.  Mavatar works with supported retailers to save you money when you shop online.  It’s really simple. Once you add an item to your online shopping cart, Mavatar automatically searches for online deals on that item, if there are deals found, Mavatar applies it automatically to your purchase.  The good thing is that you will always shop through the retailer (not Mavatar) and Mavatar simply applies it to your purchase. EASY!

So what is Mavatar Connect? I will create collections of my fave stuff and if you love it too you will be able to plug in the Mavatar add-on through your browser or iPad and save on those products.  The collaboration is a win-win for everyone.  I get to share the the products I love with you, and you get to save on those products, what’s in it for Mavatar?  The happiness of a community that saves money on the things they love.

I will be posting my collections here on  So if you see a swatch or product you love, shop through Mavatar and save money on those products. Better yet?  I can share deals that are exclusive to me with you guys so that you can benefit from my deals.  😉 Sharing is caring in the beauty community.

Thank you all so much for supporting my blog and hope to see you saving money when you shop.  My blog’s commitment to an engaged, educated and honest shopping experience will be facilitated by this new partnership and I am nothing but happy to share this with you!

Check Mavatar out HERE.  And remember to add the plug-in. HAPPY SHOPPING!

Any questions or concerns, sound off below!