#TheBeautyConvo: Man- A Woman’s Biggest Critic?

I haven’t had a #TheBeautyConvo post in a long time.  Mainly because I have been too busy swimming in the ocean of new makeup, and partly because I have been uninspired.  But here I am today, typing away about a new topic.

Before I continue, I’d like to remind everyone that my blog will always be focused on makeup, beauty and on swatching, but it isn’t the only thing I want to offer my readership.  My #TheBeautyConvo posts are op-ed pieces that are centered around women, beauty and society.  They are meant to provoke discussion not disputes.

Now on to the good stuff. I always thought we women are hard on ourselves and on each other.  From pointing out our own flaws to making fun of the flaws of other women.  I’ve seen, experienced and been a part of the “women bashing other women” culture.  I always thought to myself “this isn’t okay.”  We shouldn’t be tearing ourselves AND each other apart.

But I have discovered that although we open the doors to a lot of criticism from the same sex, unfortunately social media has opened the floodgates to an even worse evil… men bashing women.

I don’t get it.  I don’t understand men who point out the flaws in women, and I don’t really understand what kind of pleasure that can bring a man… But I see it every day.  Men, guys, boys, criticizing skinny women, fat-shaming curvier women, bashing women who wear makeup and calling those who don’t wear it ugly. It seems as though in a world that aims at perfection, every female in the social stratosphere is up for humiliation, not from each other, but from men. From the “she’s ugly AF” tweet to the “why does she have a flat ass?” Facebook post… More and more men are not just discussing female beauty, they are shaming women into looking at themselves different.

Ladies, I think part of the bigger issue is not only that we allow it, we encourage it and often times become active participants in it.  And it’s not okay,  do we see men call each other ugly?  Do we see women tweet about our dissatisfaction with the men in the world? (some of us might) but the majority of us women don’t critique every major physical flaw in a man. I, for one, don’t see women tweet random ” ugh that guys butt is so flabby” or posting on Facebook about “all these men with zero muscles and too much to say.” It disheartens me that men cannot appreciate the kind of women they like, without having to call every other kind of woman, ugly or flawed.  Ladies, take back the reality of what beauty really means to you.

So, have you experienced a man bashing a woman’s physique? What are your thoughts on this? How can we make it stop?

Will it ever? Thoughts?