SWATCH: Covergirl All Day lipcolor in Starlit Pink

Brand: Covergirl

Collection: Outlast illumina

Color: Starlit Pink (700)

Covergirl Outlast

I remember a long time ago (when I was around 14, and didn’t need makeup) one of my first lipstick purchases was the Outlast lip color.  I mean the promise of the lip color staying on through a few make-out sessions with my jock boyfriend seemed promising at the time.

Alas, fast forward a few years (more or less a decade) and here I am reviewing another Covergirl Outlast Lip color, this one in Starlit Pink.  We can all thank the very cute Katy Perry campaign pictures for drawing me in.  The color looked beautiful on her.  Although I am a bit darker, the shade is still rather flattering on me.  The color is very pearlescent, and looks beautiful paired with gorgeously bronzed skin and a light salmon pink eyeshadow.  It screams “spring!”

So does it last all day?  Well I will say this… these lip colors are definitely designed to stay on longer than usual.  They also come with a clear ‘topcoat’ lip gloss that works to hydrate the lips (and trust me you will need it).  That really is my only peeve with this product (it was the first time I bought it too), the feeling on the lips really isn’t the most comfortable.

So yes, your lip color will stay on way longer, but it will feel like something is sitting on your lips.  It kinda irks me.

Anywho, this color is very hard to come by (if not impossible) so if you want to play with a color that is much more spring appropriate and don’t mind the feeling of these Outlast Lip Colors on your lips, go for it!