CVS Mini Haul and Swatches: Featuring NYX Cosmetics and Dove

I hate that I work right across the street from a CVS (I actually don’t hate it but I am pretty sure my wallet does).  I also hate that said CVS now carries my kryptonite makeup brand, NYX Cosmetics (again, I don’t but my wallet yells at me every time).  With that said I picked up some goodies from the limited collection they had just put on display and also grabbed the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil (as used on the Olsen Twins by their amazing stylist, Mark Townsend, check out his Instagram here).  Check out some of the impulsive purchases which includes a Lip Butter, an illuminating/highlight liquid and a bronzer.

CVS Haul 1

Below is the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil.  This oil is amazing.  It leaves my hair smelling luxurious and feeling soft and not greasy AT ALL.  A bit about my hair: it is frizzy, and in this limbo stage of not curly, not wavy and not straight.  This dry oil works amazing if used both on dry or damp hair (I used it both ways).  And the smell? TO DIE FOR.  It smells soooooo good. Okay enough, here is a snapshot of the product (which btw kudos to Dove for the luxurious looking glass bottle).

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil

Up next is the swatch for the NYX Lip Butter Gloss in Tiramisu.  LOVE! Not really much to say.  If you haven’t tried a NYC Lip Butter please do yourself a favor and buy one (they are super cheap).  I love this nude color, especially when paired with a smokey eye.  The butter feels amazing on the lips, it’s hydrating, and it smells delicious.  I also love that it is shiny without feeling like grease on the lips.

NYX Lip Butter in Tiramisu

Below is the swatch for the NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator in Sunbeam.  I usually use this after I have applied my foundation or bronzer and want to add light back into my face.  You can also take a dab of this and mix it in with your liquid foundation to add all-over dewiness to the face.  This one is pinky (they also have a bronzed liquid illuminator).

NYX Liquid Illuminator

Last but not lease is the NYX Mosaic Powder in Truth.  This is absolutely awesome and so appropriate for summer. I like to use this either sparingly all over the face or go heavier on the top of my cheeks for that J.Lo glow.  I like to keep this in my purse to add color back to my face after a long day at the office.  It can also be used as eye shadow which I enjoy because it gives me multiple uses.  I swirl a medium face brush into all of the colors  and just blend them together to create one uniform color.  Great product from NYX.

NYX Mosaic Powder