Scent of the Summer: Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Now

One thing I love most about summer, is switching up the perfume.  I don’t know about you but for the summer I like to smell light, tropical and super feminine and so it’s only right to shop around for a light,summer scent.

I walked into Victoria’s Secret with the sole purpose of buying some undies.  As I walked in I’m greeted by an overzealous (THANKS OVERZEALOUS VS EMPLOYEE, I OWE YOU!) VS employee who wastes no time thrusting the pretty white bottle in my face and going on about the “new fragrance I just had to smell.” And smell I did.  And now I am hooked to Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Now eau de parfum.

At first the most overpowering smell I get is of coconuts.  Sweet, coconuts. I think to myself “oh this is different,” at which point I wasn’t sure if I loved it or absolutely hated it.  I came to a fast realization that I actually enjoy the smell of coconuts, although that smell didn’t last very long.

The scent that ultimately lingered on was a sweet, delicate and summery scent, reminiscent of coconuts but not really smelling OF actual coconut.  I can’t even start to explain it.  It’s sweet and girly, and the scent isn’t overpowering or strong.  It’s very subtle and left me wishing I were on a beach in a white two-piece.


Very Sexy Now Perfume Victoria's Secret By the way this fragrance is limited edition, so grab yours while they are still being sold!