#TheBeautyConvo: What’s with All The Makeup Shaming?

The #NoMakeup hashtag is making its rounds across the web and I am all for it.  However, it strikes me as “odd” (perhaps a wrong choice of word here) that many online publications are somehow pegging women who take such pictures as daring, strong and empowering.  What does that even mean?  That those of us who choose to express ourselves through “face art” are somehow weak? Does that mean that women who take #nomakeup selfies are more confident than those of us who like to revel in the fun that is makeup?

I am not writing this post as some sort of “woe-is-me” attempt at disclaiming that women who take bare-faced pictures are not any of those things, in fact, good for them! I commend them.  However, for beauty editors, journalists and feminists to say that women who take bare-faced selfies are “brave” or “strong” can be seen as insinuating that those of us who do wear makeup are not.  And I disagree.  There is a bravery in women embracing their beauty in whatever form it comes.

That is what I believe.  I think both the woman who can be fresh-faced and not wear makeup is equally as brave and strong as that woman who wants to wear the red lipstick and the smokey eye.  What’s with all the beauty shaming? There is nothing weak about either option.  So as we applaud the female who embraces her beauty in its natural, unaltered state… let’s not kick to the dirt the woman who sees beauty in a pop of color on her face.  Both are beautiful and both are confident.

What do you think? Am I going crazy for finding the beauty shaming a bit absurd? Has anyone experienced beauty shaming? Share those stories ladies! We’ve all got em!