Kelly Osbourne for MAC Cosmetics Riot House Lipstick Swatch

Brand: MAC Cosmetics

Collection: Kelly Osbourne for MAC

Color: Riot House (matte)

Riot House Lipstick MAC1

Riot House MAC Swatch Kelly Osbourne2

I really love this pastel orange color.  The Riot House lipstick from the Kelly Osbourne for MAC Cosmetics collection, is matte and gives me a nude vibe in that the color is very pastel.  Kind of reminds me of macaroons, YUM.

What I like to do now (especially since I am a bit more tan than I usually am) is mix this more pastel color with a stronger pink to create a really nice peach color. It is the only lipstick I got from the collection because to be honest the other colors seemed very generic. This one reminds me a lot of Cosmopop from Limecrime (except that the Limecrime one is definitely moisturizing and has a shinier finish).  Perhaps I should do a side-by-side comparison…

(BTW) I also got the Sharon Osbourne Skinfinish in Refresh but it came damaged so I am waiting on MAC to send me a new one to give you all a full picture swatch and review! 🙂

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