Feel the Rush: The Top 7 Makeup Functions I Can’t Complete in a Rush


I hate running late, especially when I intend on doing my makeup.  Often times I tell myself “okay, just mascara and out the door” but there I am 5 minutes later, setting my foundation, hating myself because I want a full face of makeup, but don’t have the time. So this is where I lack skill AND speed.  

Here are the things I can’t ever do (and if I do completely mess them up) when I am in a rush:

1. Winged Eyeliner: this is hard to do WITH TIME.  To get an even wing on either eye is like winning the makeup lotto.  Without the time to do it perfectly my eyeliner ends up looking as even as a state border.

2. The perfect Pout: Lets be honest, unless we’re going out that night and need to look meticulous, how many of us are actually going through all these beauty blogger steps to achieve the perfect Rihanna lip?  I mean the prep, lining, then applying lipstick to then clean the outline?  I’m usually a gloss and go kind of girl on most days!

3. Contouring: This could have been my number one thing I can’t do in a time crunch (but after years of putting makeup on, I’ve found a shortcut or two) alas, some makeup artists make contouring look more difficult than it really should be! I mean, we’ve all seen the face layouts with lines going every which way… too time consuming, I skip!

4. Fake Lashes: Ugh, I admit, I have an especially difficult time with falsies.  I think my lids weren’t meant for them.  And I sure as hell, can’t apply them in under 3 minutes.  I like to think that mascara will do, and that is good enough for me!

5. Smokey Eye: Blend, blend, blend for minutes.  Precious minutes I don’t have on a day-to-day basis.  The smokey eye, can very quickly turn into the raccoon eye and nobody wants that at 8am on a Monday morning.  I keep the eye simple on most days.

6. No Makeup, Makeup: The irony! But, I don’t have the time to pull off no makeup, makeup.  The flawless face, the glow, the golden aura around said face.  Labor. Intensive.

7. Glitter, anything: If it involves glitter on the face, bets are it is way too time consuming.  For its beauty and fun, glitter is time’s mortal enemy.  Not only is working with glitter tricky, it can be downright catastrophic, especially during the day.  I don’t want to look like the dust fairy farted on my face on my way to work.

And there you have it! My list of makeup looks and tricks I can’t do without being given proper time.

What are some of yours? Tag #TheBeautyConvo and tweet me! @makeupwhoreder 🙂