The Beauty Convo: A Surprising Way to Use Mascara!

If you’re like me circa 2008, you probably don’t find anything  useful about brown mascara.  That’s about to change,  find out how brown mascara has become a staple in my makeup bag  after the jump!


We all know that bold brows are in! Thanks Cara (Delevingne)!  And if like me you’re now obsessed with a stronger brow but don’t really know how to go about achieving it.  Look no further.  Brown mascara is here to save the day, and them brows!

Before you run to your local drugstore and invest your hard earned $6 bucks, let me break down just HOW to use mascara as a brow filler (and why I use this instead of clear gel or the plethora of brow products on the market).

First let me get to the why… Well firstly, it is super affordable, secondly unlike clear gel, that can only TAME those little hairs, brown mascara (if done correctly) will add color, keep the texture of your brows, and well… stay put for the entire day.  It also saves me LOADS of time.  It is basically the only step I take on my brows!

Now to the how…

1.  Buy brown mascara (every brand has a different brown, pick the one you want or best matches your hair color).

2.  Pass a brow brush through your brows to comb your hairs into place as you would before using a brow pen or pencil.

3.  Remove excess mascara off the brush, THIS PART IS IMPORTANT in keeping you from looking like a clown.  Grab a dry makeup towel, or a napkin and just remove most of the mascara off the brush.  The severity of your brow will depend on how much mascara is on the actual brush.

4.  Once you have done step 3, comb the mascara through your brow and “style” your brow to the desired shape.  I like to go lighter on the insides and darken on the outside.  Whatever floats your boat.

VOILA. Brows for days! You’re welcome!

I use: Covergirl Professional Remarkable Waterproof Mascara, in Brown Black (pictured above).