One Soap, One Step for Soft Skin! Perfect for Winter: Lush Cosmetics, Porridge Soap

Lush Cosmetics Porridge Soap

With winter comes annoyingly dry skin.  Dry skin means having to take the time to actually moisturize daily and to exfoliate.  If like me you have sensitive skin that you want to keep soft and supple during the harsh winter months, I came across this little gem at Lush Cosmetics.

Porridge Soap (adorable name, btw) has oatmeal and oat milk to soothe the skin and keep you clean, it also has organic orange juice (which you cannot smell) to keep skin clear with the citric acid infusion.  This combo makes for a delicious smelling (smells like oats and sweetness to me) and indulgent soap.  I love that it multi-tasks, it gets ya clean and helps rid your skin of the rough patches with its exfoliating element.


Skip a cloth and just rub this soap generously on your body, showing extra love where you might need more exfoliation! It’s that easy!

I use it every day (or every other day, as it is a bit pricey for a daily soap).  I think as with most Lush products this also makes neat holiday gift! Lush’s packaging is always extra cute!

So yeah, currently obsessed! Make sure you stop by at a Lush Cosmetics near you and give it a sniff 🙂