Swatch: Drunk In Love with This Wine-Colored Lippy!

Brand: Sephora

Collection: Cream Lip Stain

Color: 07 Dark Berry

TMWSephora Lipcolor

Thanksgiving is literally like tomorrow! Okay, NOT tomorrow but excitingly soon! If you are looking for the perfect wine colored lip stain that will stay on all night as you celebrate the holidays into wee hours of the morning, look no further.

So long story short, I saw an employee at Sephora looking as flawless as ever, and HAD to ask what lip color she was wearing.  Luckily for my wallet it was this Sephora brand lip stain in Dark Berry.

Looking from the tube in person the color seems a bit intimidating, even off-putting; it has  a slight shimmer to it that had me second guessing the purchase.  Fortunately, once the lip stain is actually on the color is nothing short of spectacular and the shimmer is really not noticeable (which I was super happy about).


This lip stain has SERIOUS staying power.  I applied it at around 9am as I got ready for work, wore it through the day, through lunch, through 2 cups of coffee and this baby stay PUT. So yay for that right?

Anywho, if you are looking for a great (and inexpensive, only $13) lip stain to trust through copious amounts of food eating and champagne toasting, try this Sephora brand one! It is LOVELY!

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