My Easy Two Step Daytime Eyeshadow from MUFE!

I think the hardest part of my morning makeup routine is my eyeshadow.  In the AM I am usually crammed for time and also too tired to do extravagant makeup (plus you want your daytime look to look effortless and natural).  I went into Sephora looking for an easy two-step shadow routine that I could stick to and found just the right eyeshadow combo….

MUFE MUA Day tIme Makeup

There are certain guidelines when considering daytime makeup.  Some of us like easier looks as we don’t have the hour we wish we had to apply makeup in the morning.  When I walked into sephora I knew I was looking for an eyeshadow palette that had easy, wearable colors that could multi-task and do more than one job.

I came across Makeup Forever’s Artist Shadow Custom Palette.  They come in singles and sets of two and three. To not overcomplicate things with a third color, I went for the two shadow palette, then came the fun stuff… Choosing the colors.

The very basics of eye shadow is to contour and highlight.  To create depth and to attract light.  So the simple part was understanding I wanted a highlighting color and a color I could use on my crease and/or lid to create depth.  I wanted the two shadow palette because it would be an efficient morning system in which you don’t have to think “what should I do with my eyes?”



Great highlight colors can be either matte, satin or shimmery. I opted for I412 (Wheat) a gorgeous iridescent color that not only works as a great eyeshadow to highlight your inner corners and your brow bone, it’s also an amazing color to highlight your cheeks, nose and your cupid’s bow.  Remember, when buying makeup, always shop for products that can do more than one thing! What I love about this color is that it can be built to a more intense highlight or used in a really subdued wash of iridescence.

For our crease color I wanted something warmer that could be used not only as a contour for my crease, but could also work for my lid.  For this color I put into consideration my skin color, and stood clear of any colors that could be too ashy.  M664 (Fawn) is a Matte shadow (which is super important since usually it’s always best to keep your crease matte) perfect for contouring or using alone for an easy natural daytime look.

These two colors not only work good together, they can be used separately and can also highlight and contour other parts of the face.  This palette is easy to throw into your purse and the products themselves are amazing.  The shadows have very little fallout, are super pigmented and stay on ALL DAY.

Here are some swatches:


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