REVIEW: TeaMD Daily Facial Cleanser AKA My New Best Friend

Hey guys, so I am super excited to be gifting you all with this review.  This review is especially for all of my sensitive skin and acne-prone sisters out there.  I share with you the burden of finding skincare products that work, don’t irritate your skin and also keep it in check.

The fabulous people over at TeaMD Skincare were kind enough to send me a full size bottle of their amazing TeaMD Daily Facial Cleanser, and I’m so glad they did.  Very seldom do you come across a skincare line that caters to the sensitive/problematic skin crowd, so I was super thrilled to try this out.


I have been using the TeaMD Daily Facial Cleanser for about a month now (I wanted to use it for long enough to give the most honest, thorough review).  So we know it’s a daily facial cleanser (hence the name) but I bet you’re wondering what makes it so special?

This cleanser has tea tree oil (amazing for keeping acne-prone skin in check).  Tea Tree Oil (TTO) is known for being minimizing breakouts, clearing skin and keeping it clear, but the thing about TTO is that the smell isn’t so pleasant.  Now with TeaMD’s Daily Facial Cleanser you get all the benefits of TTO with the most amazingly delicious scent.  The scent is what hooked me right off the bat, it smells of sweet spearmint.  I mean it smells ridiculously good.


The cleanser is safe for every day use.  I use it every day after removing my makeup.  And the tingly feeling it gives your skin really works at waking you up (love it in the morning). The cleanser is all natural which is also an added bonus.

After a month of using it, my skin feels amazing, I notice that my skin is clearer and if I do get a pimple, it clears out a day later.  I really do love how gentle the cleanser is but also how clean my skin feels after using it.  Also, a little goes a long way, a month in and I am probably just halfway through the bottle.

If you are looking for a gentle, effective cleanser for your sensitive and/or acne-prone skin and have the $29 bucks to dish out, I say go for it.  It smells amazing and feels so refreshing when washing into your face.  The cleanser is not over-drying but does keep oil under control.

You can shop for the TeaMD Daily Facial Cleanser, here.