#25DaysOfGlam Day 4: The One Trick to Save on Holiday Makeup Shopping :)


I know how hard xmas shopping is, especially when shopping for girlfriends or female relatives.  Just the thought makes my head pound.  I’ve found a cost-effective, fun and personalized way to give makeup for the holidays.  I’m huge on saving where I can, but I am also big on customization and personalizing gifts.

So here’s an idea: makeup goodie bags.  Do you remember those like Halloween goodie bags of sweets we got at parties? Those same goody bags we got at birthdays and any other imaginable festivity? Well, same concept… just more adult, and prettier and well cooler.

You must be wondering… How the hell am I gonna get all of my girlfriends makeup? You must want me to go broke.  Actually no.  You won’t go broke.

Here’s what you’ll need: 

Gift bags (like the ones they give you at Sephora for small purchases)

Tissue Paper (get fun with it, gold, silver, pink, blue, whatever)

Marker or Pen (so you can write a kickass sentiment on the bag)

Once you have the essentials, you will have to figure out just how many people are getting gifts.  This idea really only works for small groups of 5-8 people (10 at most).

So the idea is to go to your favorite Target, Sephora, Walmart, whatever fits the budget… And buy sets or packs of makeup.  Mix and match them depending on the person.  I like to hit Sephora and see what sets some brands have for the holidays.  I usually go for the gloss, lipstick or perfume sets and mix and match each goodie bag.  If this sounds tedious, it’s not.


Check out my Mavatar cart for some ideas on sets you can buy and mix-n-match with.  You can mix an assortment of stuff like maybe buying a pretty Sonia Kashuk brush set (like this one) and giving one brush out with a lip gloss and perfume.  Maybe an eyeliner, a cream and a lip gloss. The combinations are endless and the budgets can be adjusted.  On a lower budget, do a gloss, a nail polish and a hand cream, etc. With about $200 (or less) you can gift up to 10 people something cute and thoughtful! Splitting gift sets and turning them into your own little goodie bag is cost efficient and a fun DIY project.

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Other Ways to Save:

Shop sale racks… A lot of things are constantly going on sale (you are bound to find some bargains).

Use coupons… they are there for you….USE THEM! Read coupon regulations carefully, you might be able to stack coupons for even steeper discounts.

Use your connections! Do you know someone who works at Saks Fifth? At Nordstrom? Hell, at Sephora? Don’t be afraid to ask if they can do the favor of using their employee discount, it’s the holidays and we’re in a giving mood!

If all else fails and like some of us, your budget really means no budget, don’t be afraid to reach for the good old DIY gift.  Sometimes those little notes we write are worth more than someone’s favorite lipstick.