Unwash Your Hair to Its Healthiest Potential: The New Must- Try Shampoo!

First of all, happy New Years to all of my readers!  I was on a bit of a vacation and took a while to get this first post up, but I do hope you all had a wonderful new year.

I don’t often post about hair products because for a while I thought “my hair is always a mess. There is no helping it.” So I decided to start the new year with a review on a very unique hair product! This post is for my girlies with the frizzy hair! So pay attention! 🙂

The lovely ladies at Unwash were generous enough to send me their hair products to try and I must admit that at first I was hesitant.  Aren’t we all tired of the these products that promise us celebrity perfection but never deliver? I know I am.  From Garnier, to Pantene to Bumble and Bumble, I’ve pretty much tried everything for my hair.

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So after giving Unwash two weeks worth of heavy testing, I am ready to share my thoughts on this “new clean” system. But first let me explain my hair and it’s many quirks: I have a lot of thick, heavy, color-treated hair.  My hair takes hours to dry and when it does it’s somewhere between a wave and a curl, oh and it’s FRIZZY as a motha!

Now onto Unwash. I received the Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner (this replaces your shampoo, don’t let the name confuse you), Unwash Anti-Residue Rinse (this is like a heavy duty shampoo for those days when your hair is extra gross) and the Unwash Hydrating Masque (my favorite, this is the one you can choose to use to add extra hydration to the hair).

On the first try I used the Anti-Residue Rinse, followed by the Hydrating Masque.  The next day I woke up to gorgeous hair.  No lie.  Seriously.  I even went as far as bragging about my hair to my mom.  My hair was soft, smelled amazing and looked like it is meant to look: soft, wavy and frizz-less.

I went 3 days without washing my hair and the next time around opted to use the Bio-Cleansing Conditioner and then the Hydrating Masque.  Washing my hair with either of these products feels great because I can tell it’s keeping the good oils in and just removing the dirt and grime.

I have to say that ever since I’ve been washing my hair with Unwash I am not only using less products to tame frizz (before I would add around 4 products in my hair), I’m using less of the products I do choose to use (which is just 2 droplets of Argan Oil after towel-drying my hair).

So ladies, if like me you dread washing your hair and letting air-dry please do take a look at Unwash.  I am hooked!

Make sure you check them out on Twitter and Facebook! Don’t be afraid to ask them any questions! The entire Unwash team is awesome!