The Inexpensive Way to Deep Clean Your Makeup Brushes

I don’t know about you, but the closest thing to happiness might just be the feeling of applying makeup with freshly cleaned brushes.  Today I took on my monthly ritual of deep cleaning my brushes to get rid of the gunk that my cleaning sprays can’t get out.

I always get asked about how I clean brushes and although everyone has a different method and different products they use, I thought I would break down exactly what I do and offer some tips to help extend the life of those precious tools. Hope you enjoy the Q&A format 🙂 If you have any questions I might have missed, shoot me a tweet or comment below!

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What do you use to clean your makeup brushes?

I use Dawn Antibacterial dishwashing soap and Extra Virgin Olive oil.  I also have a clean towel in hand to help in the drying process.

What’s the EVOO for?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil acts as a kind of conditioner.  Think about makeup brushes as actual hair.  When you wash your hair you have your shampoo to cleanse, and your condition to obviously condition.  EVOO is especially good for helping your natural bristles lock in moisture and helps prevent the bristles from breaking or shedding.  For synthetic brushes, I keep the olive oil to a very bare minimum.

How much of each product do you use? 

I use about 4 pumps of Dawn to about 3 drops (sometimes 2) of olive oil.  Again the olive oil is to be used sparingly or it can grease up your brushes.

Is there a specific way to wash the brushes or do you have any tips? 

My tips for deep cleaning brushes is fairly simple.  Use luke-warm water.  Try not getting water into the Ferrule (the ferrule is the middle part of the brush that holds the handle and the hairs together, usually silver or metallic). Use your fingers as a surface to scrub the brushes on.  Do not tug on the hairs or they will shed.  Once you have finished washing them out, use your towel to get excess water out, lay your brushes on a flat surface or upside down… Never position freshly washed brushes in their upright positions, the water will seep into the ferrule and can damage the brush and the wooden handle.

Do you clean your Beauty Blender the same way? 

Yup, pretty standard.   No frills. No expensive soaps or gloves.  A really good brush will last YEARS with proper care.  I suggest you invest in really amazing brushes (a lot of them like Sigma and Crown are very affordable).

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How do you clean your brushes? Any go to methods?