TMW Presents: The Face (What Is It? Why Should I Care?) FIND OUT!

As a beauty blogger I dedicate a lot of my time to perusing the web, looking for the latest product to try, reading reviews or gawking at the gorgeous MUA on IG.  It’s part of being a blogger, constantly digging around for content.  One thing however I spend a lot more time doing, is evaluating the concept of beauty and SEEING beauty in others, through Instagram pictures, tweets and through the long list of my fabulous subscribers.

This brings me to my next project. The Face. It’s fairly simple.

What IS The Face? 

The Face, will be a series of faces curated by TMW that represent beauty in today’s digital age.  All done up, au naturale, there is no telling where TMW will draw inspiration from.  Once a month a fellow beauty will be chosen, highlighted and asked a series of beauty related questions, to help inspire one another to see beauty in everyone!

How Do You Enter The Face?

Think you or someone you know has The Face?

-Use the hashtag #TMWtheFace on IG, Twitter or on any of my blog posts submitting yourself or someone else (make sure you use their @ so I can see that gorgeous mug) for submission. Please include a photo of the person being submitted and if you want a brief reason why!

-You can also email me with the hashtag as the headline.

The Face will be chosen at random and featured at the end of the month. 

Hope to see all of your beautiful faces soon! ❤

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