LASplash Cosmetics Lippies: Swatches and Reviews!

So I recently gave in to the urge and bought 3 lippies from LASplash Cosmetics.  I originally really wanted to buy the Ghoulish lip color that has been making a splash on Instagram as an alternative to Limecrime’s Cashmere Velvetine, but instead went for 3 very doable and functional colors to see if I liked how the lippies wore during the day.



I bought 2 Smitten LipTint Mousses in the colors Charmed and Raven Claw and bought 1 Lip Couture in the color Rose Garden.  Below you will see the swatches and I’ll break down the pros and cons.



Here are the swatches in natural light (L to R): Charmed, Rose Garden and Raven Claw



So these liquid lippies are very pigmented and dry to a matte finish.  I honestly cannot tell the difference in formula between the Mousse and Lip Couture products.  Applying them (at least for me) turned out to be a bit messy with the brush it comes with, I suggest using a lip brush to really get a nice clean look.  Since the product dries fast I recommend you go in and quickly put the product on your lips and try not to rub it in or it kinda clumps onto the lips.

Once you have figured out a method of application that works for you, you’l notice that product doesn’t transfer easily onto clothes or cups; making it the perfect lipstick to rock to a date.  Once it does start to wear off it really fades in the middle and products stays around the outline of your lip making it look like lip liner (a look I kinda hate) so I keep it in hand to reapply if need be.  For around $11 bucks you really can’t go wrong with these considering that higher end competitors sell similar products for double the price.

Oh and I adore the Harry Potter themed names for the Smitten LipTint collection 🙂 so cute!

Anyone else tried LASplash Cosmetics products? Yay or Nay? Discuss!