Own Your Bedhead: How to Look Put Together in less than 5 Minutes! #caspermattress #guestblogpost @casper

My friends at Casper (who know a thing or two about the best sleep of your life) are asking me to tackle the lifelong problem of bedhead hairstyles and I’m accepting the challenge.

I love sleep. Like a lot! Nothing like a comfy bed to never get up from (a girl can dream of such a thing).  I also like taking ridiculous long putting my makeup on… so of course my mornings leave very little time for my outfits (why I always wear black and basic pieces) and my hair (I’m Latina so just thinking about my frizz causes mini panic attacks).  Since I’m always scrambling for time I’ve learned a thing or two about how to rock my bedhead or at the very least make it look chic.


I share my best kept secrets (are you ready to take that bedhead and put it to sleep?) and they are:

Just Embracing The Hair As Is: Call it Rocker Chic if You Will

I know that for a lot of us this simply doesn’t seem like an option but hear me out! You can do it.  You might have to dump a huge amount of product into your hair to combat frizz but sometimes, just a dollop of anti-frizz and letting your hair do as it might, is the best option!  If Joan Jett can pull it off, so can I! Embracing your messy, morning hair is sometimes the best of both worlds! Get to sleep a little longer and still make it to work on time!


The Crown: Feel Like a Queen Even if Your Hair Isn’t Looking Royal

Sometimes I want to feel like royalty but look like s**t and for days like that I choose to wear my crown (both figuratively and not). There are two ways to go about the “crown.” Both options start with a deep side part. The alternatives are that you can either twist your hair into a crown then tie into a low bun or you can braid (messy braid a la Grecian Goddess) the deep part into your hair and into a low ponytail or bun. They are both super fast and super easy, because you actually don’t want hair to look perfect. It should look a bit messy and a bit boho! Perfect for a quickie morning style.


The Hat or Beanie: Strutting Down Bean(ie) Town 

One of the fastest (and honestly one of the options I resort to the most) is simply throwing a beanie on, because lets face it, you’re not fully functional in the AM. Last thing you want to think about is how to tackle that lioness mane, and so throwing on a cute beanie is a street chic way to get up and out the door in no time (after you shower I hope).


Ladies, I hope these 3 quick and easy options work for you like they do for me.  Nothing beats a good night’s sleep and there shouldn’t be a reason you can’t sneak another 10 minutes of rest cuddled up in your favorite bed.  Talk about fave beds, Kylie Jenner recently got a Casper mattress and she’s got a homegirl thinking of test driving that baby!

Anyway ladies! Throw me some of your bedhead suggestions in the comments below! I’d love to try some out!

Speaking of which, ZZZZzzzZZZ, gnight! Muah!