Skincare for the Sensitive Gal: Lindi Skin on a Mission to Repair Skin

The awesome team at Lindi Skin sent me these products for review and after having tried them for about 2 months I can now post an honest and accurate experience with the line. Again, these were sent to me for free and for review purposes however this is not a sponsored post, I get no money from them and my review is honest, upfront and as accurate as possible. If you have any questions feel free to drop a note.  If you are wondering how this skincare line compares to others read on 🙂

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I have very sensitive skin and I know I’ve mentioned in a few other blog posts that I suffer of some sort of cystic acne which I’ve been to lazy to visit a dermatologist for.  However, a lot of reading and even more trial and error has taught me a lot about my own skin and I can kinda keep the flare ups in check (except for that one time a month when all hell breaks loose in my body).

I received the Lindi Face Serum Lavender $40, the Lindi Face Wash to Clarify and Hydrate $22, the Lindi Eye Hydrator $30 and the Lindi Lip Balm $10. Three of the four products have been in heavy rotation with my other skincare products that I already swear by.

At first use I can tell you that the products are very gentle on sensitive skin. They smell very, very natural (which might be off-putting to some), kinda like grass and earth, which I don’t really mind. The face wash does a good job at cleansing without stripping the face. I know it claims to keep the pH balance of your skin at optimal levels and although I am no expert in pH I can say the wash soothed my breakouts and didn’t cause any flare ups.

The Lindi Lavender Serum I do really love and still very actively use. It is a bit pricey at 40 bucks but I do love the fact that I can slather it on my face and it just seeps right into my skin. Doesn’t leave any oily residue behind which is fantastic and perfect for daytime use underneath makeup. And again I love any product that doesn’t cause my acne to flare up and this again with the rest of the line is super nice on my very sensitive skin.

Another huge hit from the line is their Eye Hydrator! I actually rotate this one with my other eye creams which by the way this is not. It is NOT a cream, which I love! At first I was like “WTF this isn’t an eye cream!” It has the emollient consistency of their serum. I like to think of it as an eye serum or gel because that’s what it is. You can use day or night and a lot like the serum this just seeps right into the skin so you don’t get that shininess or oiliness from product just sitting on your face.  Whenever my eye area is feeling extra dry I reach for this gel. I just really love that it doesn’t irritate my eyes since I wear contacts and that it plays nice with my makeup. I daresay this gel might be better than a lot of the eye creams I’ve tried at Sephora. For $30 it runs for about the same as the lower end  products at Sephora so it’s a good deal and this packs A LOT of product (a little goes an extremely long way).

The lip balm I actually carry with me on trips and when I travel, because you can’t ever own enough lip balms! I don’t know if it will every replace my good old trusted Blistex but this is a decent lip balm. I’m not sure there is much to say about lip balms. LOL. It does smell good, sweet, unlike their skincare line which has more of an earthy scent.

The packaging is very sturdy and aesthetically matches that all natural feel their brand has going on. I know some of us are suckers for good packaging so I had to throw it in there.

If you have any more specific questions about the products let me know! Drop a message below! 🙂

NOTE: This skincare line is especially targeted at people who want to soothe skin issues associated with cancer treatments such as chemotherapy.