The Travel-Friendly Contour Kit for every Jetsetter: NP Set Contour and Highlight Palette

As the weather warms up and the wanderlust becomes all too real,we are all looking for the perfect beauty staples that will make perfect travel buddies.

I found a little gem that’s travel-sized and delivers the prettiest contour and highlight (no experience necessary). So if you’re readying yourself for a vacay, this might be the palette to help with all of your contouring needs.

The palette is NP Set (from Napoleon Perdis).  The one thing I will say is that I did find this gem at Marshall’s (go figure) and I am not sure where they sell it in the US or if Marshall’s still has a few laying around (which if they do, seriously GRAB IT). napoleon_perdis_set

I love that the product is paraben-free and has vitamins A, C and E so it has those added skin benefits.


And here are the swatches:


The consistency of this palette is very powdery and it is pigmented, so I like to use it sparingly.  But the combination of the colors is lovely and the packaging is nice and compact, making it perfect for travel.

What contouring kits do you take on the road with you?