Eva Mendes Launches Circa Beauty at Walgreens: My Review on the Line

I walked into Walgreen’s a few weeks ago and the clerk was just finishing her setup of a new line they were launching, Circa Beauty. And of course, nice packaging and Eva Mendes plastered all over the campaign (which after some research I found out this is her line), I wound up buying some of their goodies, cuz… Why not?


Let me note that Walgreen’s FINALLY offers product testers (at least of this line, which the clerk explained to me is like a higher-end drugstore line). Thank you, Walgreen’s, I hope this becomes like a thing across all drugstore beauty sections!

Anywho, I ended up getting some stuff and wanted to review them for you guys! Circa Beauty from Eva Mendes looks and feels very high-end, from the packaging to product performance. The line is complete with foundations, bronzers, blushes, lipsticks, lip glosses etc. So it is a very complete line, my girl Eva didn’t half-ass this one bit!

The packaging is gorgeous! I mean that. If anything drew me in, it was the timeless gold and black packaging. I ended up buying two lipsticks, one blush, a mascara and a setting powder. Here’s my product breakdown:

The Circa Beauty Picture Perfect Powder Blush in Flamenco Beach is awesome and easily one of my favorite blushes ever! It has beautiful color payoff and leaves skin looking perfectly flushed and skin-like! I love that it doesn’t look or feel too powdery! And for $12 I think it’s comparable to high end blushes that run for $20. Definitely a must get from the line!











I also bought two Circa Absolute Velvet Luxe lipsticks in the shades Elizabeth  (fuchsia) and Sophia (cooler baby doll pink, which I bought later on).  I love  these  lipies like A LOT! First of all the packaging is lovely and sturdy! The  colors are flirty and all named after female icons (like Lana, Ava and Audrey.  Too cute I know). But the product itself is awesome! Lots of color payoff,  moisturizing and the finish is this gorgeous semi-matte that doesn’t wear off  with one lick.



Absolute Lash Icon Circa Beauty Now onto the mascara. The collection has 3 (that I know of), however, I bought the Circa Absolute Lash Icon.  Again what drew me in was that super luxe packaging but I have to say, it’s definitely another thumbs up product! I used it for both top and bottom lashes and I loved the effect (with a little help from baby powder). If you don’t set your undereye makeup (and you have extremely oily eye areas like me) it might smear a little, nothing some good setting won’t fix. I love the brush and I love the formula, which isn’t too dry or too runny. It’s not waterproof for those of you who care! It has plastic bristles that remind me a lot of the Givenchy mascara I have thrown around somewhere! I took a closeup pic because I can’t describe it TBH.


The mascara goes for $12 bucks and again super comparable to higher end mascaras (I honestly don’t like to spend too much on mascara so this is perfect for me).

Last but not least, I got the Circa Beauty Studio Set Translucent Powder in Medium. It is a very different type of setting powder in that it comes built in with a brush that dispenses the powder.  Although I am not crazy about the packaging because I could honestly do without the brush, I LOVE the powder  itself.  It is very finely milled, gives off an airbrushed look and does a great job at adding some color and dimension to the face. I just tap the powder into the palm of my hand and use the brush of my choice to apply (looking to crack it  open and dispense the powder in a sift container soon).

Overall I think the line is fantastic, the blushes and lipsticks are definitely worth a “check it out.”  I know that the market is becoming super saturated with lines created or endorsed by celeb faces, and to me Eva Mendes wasn’t much of a contender in the space, but after having spent some money and time on Circa Beauty, I think it’s a huge hit!

Are any of you going to check out her line? If you have already, what do you think? Any hit or misses?