Summer Scent to Try: Si by Giorgio Armani

NOTHING beats a good summer scent! One of the many switches I make when a different season rolls along, is in the perfume department.  I usually go for lighter, flirty scents in the summer and for winter I go with darker, muskier scents.  I picked up the roller ball version of Si by Giorgio Armani after having tried it at Ulta and falling in love! You know you like a scent when you try it and the smell still resonates with you days later. I figured “I must get this one!” and so I went to Sephora (because I like my POINTS!) and I’ve been hooked ever since!

Si by Giorgio Armani IMG

The only way I can describe the scent is as both sweet and floral with layers of complexity. The scent starts as one thing and really transforms on the skin as the day wears. It is very light and very feminine. I like that the  smells have complexity, meaning it really does smell different on different people and during different times of the day. With my body chemistry the smell is definitely a cross between candy and fruits, slight musk but much lighter than a Chloe perfume. I really love this scent which is exciting stuff since Giorgio Armani no longer makes one of my very favorites Emporio Armani Diamonds (Beyonce was the face of that one). I love that I instantly feel girly but with elegance.

Notes include: Blackcurrant Nectar, Chypre, Airy Florals, Egyptian Jasmine (explaining the floral), Mandarin (explaining the fruity), Vanilla (explaining the sweet).

People the smell reminds me of: Kate Winslet in Titanic comes to mind. Weird, I know! It also reminds me of Rachel McAdams in the Notebook. I guess their common link is that they are both super feminine, elegant and very romantic.