Wonder What a Beauty Blogger’s Vanity Looks Like? Take a Look at my Work in Progress!

Ever since I’ve started bloggging I’ve slowly accumulated a lot of makeup (sometimes I feel overwhelmed and don’t even want to look at the pile up). For a while, I resorted to buying Muji acrylic drawers and neatly placing them on top of a drawer till this became too much! I’ve also got some really good acrylic cases from The Container Store, fyi.

This past week I received a really cool gift (and very much needed)! A new vanity! I decided on the MALM collection dressing table from Ikea and wanted to share what it looks like right now (bare bones as I try to spruce it up and give it personality).

Check it out:

Malm Ikea Makeup Vanity


Eventually I want to purchase a drawer so I can declutter the table top, a mirror with lighting, a cooler chair and a cute rug to place in the area! I’m also thinking about sprucing up the area with some art or at least some color!

Any suggestions are welcome! Can’t wait to show you guys the progress as it happens!

PS: As for my acrylic storage, I’ve got my makeup compartmentalized by function: face, eyes and concealers in one section, eye shadows, eye liners and other eye products and blushes/highlighters in another section and then lip products at the end.  The two containers to the far right have eye brushes and other makeup products that don’t fit in the regular Muji drawers 🙂