The Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit Review!

Anastasia Contour Palette Review


I recently (about two months ago) purchased the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit in light and wanted to try it a few times before giving you all the lowdown. For those of you that don’t know Anastasia catapulted to fame as Kim Kardashian’s main brow groomer, and her sucessful brow line soon gave way to new waters, enter her powder contour palette (which I also own). After falling in a deep love with the powder contour palette I figured it only right to own the cream version (which she carries in 3 shades).

I bought the palette in its Light version (although after better analysis I’ll be getting this in the color range Medium) and some of the colors are too light on me, so I will be purchasing in Medium.  However, I did wear some of the colors in the palette like Banana (the yellow) and some of the darker browns in the kit.

Before this kit I wasn’t a fan of cream contouring products, partially because hours of looking through Instagram pictures of cream contours left me feeling anxious about the process.  You know those vloggers, bloggers and insta-bloggers that draw maps around their face with all sorts of colors and shapes? Yeah, those. However I figured “let me buy this and use it the way I would use my powders.” And so I did.

I love the packaging, it’s sturdy and like its powder predecessor the palette can be refilled with individual pots of whatever color you need. HUGE PLUS especially if you always use the same 2 or 3 colors and fear having to repurchase the entire palette just for those colors.



But what really sold me about the product was the formula itself. The creams are opaque, even a bit stiff to the touch. I like this because it really has the COVERAGE you need. This product is highly pigmented, opaque and stays on! I like to apply with my fingers first to warm the product into my skin then use a nice stippling brush to blend.

Check out swatches below!