Makeup News: MAC Breaks the Internet with its Latest Announcement

Ladies and gentlemen right when I’d given up hope on MAC LE collections,  they announce the next big collection, and the beauty world implodes.

After having dropped a series of lack luster (in my humble opinion, BTW) partnerships/collaborations, today MAC has announced that the #MACSelena collection will be their gift to humanity as early as LATE 2016.  The collection will be a multi-product one (can you feel my heart-rate escalate at the sound of this?).  The 2nd half of 2016 is a ways from now so I cannot wait to see the promotional images when those do pop up.

And before you come to a screeching halt, cursing MAC under your breath as to why they’d choose SELENA GOMEZ, I should clarify they are dropping a collection influenced by the late SELENA QUINTANILLA.

MACSelena Announcement

Now if you’re one of the poor souls who doesn’t know who SELENA, in singular, is please do yourself the favor and watch Selena, the movie, starring J.Lo as a tribute not just to the announcement of this amazing news but also because it’s #TBT 🙂 So why the hell not?

As for those of you who DO know the magic that Selena was in the 90’s, I ask, what colors, products and ideas would you like to see come to life for this collection? I came up with this lipstick inspiration board (see below):