The Best Brushes for the Brush Virgin and the Brush Expert! A L.A.B.2 Beauty Review

Disclaimer: L.A.B.2 reached out to me months ago and sent me some brushes so let me be clear in that the brushes I am writing about were given to me for review purposes but my opinions and thoughts are all my own. Read on if you want to learn about these brushes 🙂 

One of the most difficult (and sometimes) unpleasant things to shop for when it comes to beauty is often, the brushes. So many, at so many prices and soooo many shapes and sizes (lets be honest, sometimes we don’t even know what they do).   But one of the best known facts in the beauty industry is that your makeup is only as good as the brush you use.

Lab2 Beauty Brushes

There is one makeup brush line I was introduced to months ago when they sent me some brushes to review and I genuinely have fallen in love with them for both their affordability and how good they actually are.  Oh and the even bestest (I know that isn’t a word y’all) part? They are cruelty-free and vegan for my bunny loving gals out there!

The L.A.B.2 Beauty brushes look and feel luxe.  They are created with hypoallergenic materials making it perfect for my sensitive skin mamis (like me). The bristles themselves are made with FiberLuxe Technology, which means they are made with high-grade synthetic fibers that pick up and release the perfect amount of product!

Personally, jargon and cool tech aside, I love that I can use these brushes with a wide variety of products: creams, powders, gels etc. They are easy to clean and none of them have shed on me. Which is the biggest plus of all if you ask me.

Nothing more disappointing then spending hundreds on brushes to just see them go bald.  These run from $8 to around $14 and they really do exceed expectations! I wouldn’t write about them if they didn’t 🙂

LAB2 Beauty Brushes Full

So if you are on the search for a great set of brushes that won’t rip your wallet in two, check out L.A.B.2 Beauty brushes!

USAGE: Okay, I know some ladies ask me what brush I use for what. So here’s a small breakdown on what I use each brush for…

The Triple Threat Multi-Purpose Brush: Like the name says it’s multi-purpose. I use this one for liquid, cream or powder foundation.  Usually I use it for liquid foundations and then use it again to set my foundation with powder.

Put a Lid on it Angled Shadow Brush: I use this one for powder eyeshadows.  Specifically to add depth to my crease and outer-v.

On a Powder Trip Brush: This brush has a lot of uses! When I hold the bristles tightly together I use it to carve out the contours of my face. I also use this brush to apply bronzer all over and to apply blush and/or highlighter.  This brush picks up a lot of pigment so I make sure I’m careful and use a light hand when applying my makeup!

The other brushes are pretty self-explanatory.  I especially love the versatility of the Read my Lips Brush (the handle comes off and serves as a cap to take this brush with you anywhere on the go) I sometimes use this brush to spot conceal when I break out as well!

Brush Bristle Closeup LAB2 Beauty