Believe the HYPE! Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip is The Bomb Dot Com

I’ve been going through a pretty serious obsession with liquid lipsticks of the matte variety. I mean how could you not?  The matte effect of a lipstick and the comfort of a lipgloss applicator…SOLD! 

Anywho, I’m adding to my ever growing collection of matte liquid lipsticks with these goodies from Colourpop.  These are their highly hyped (and rightfully so) Ultra Matte Lipsticks.

A while back I spoke about the kick-ass eye shadows and lippies they first released,from which a fierce and loyal following grew from.  Since then they have branched out to blushes (which I will review soon) then highlighters and now liquid lipsticks!


What makes Colourpop so kick-ass is that they’re made in the good ol’ US of A and they don’t test on animals! What’s more? They’re prices cannot be beaten and the quality always exceeds expectation.

So how do these Ultra Matte Lipsticks actually perform? They are A+’s across the board.  The formula doesn’t feel dry or caked on, on your lips even if you layer (which you don’t need to since these lipsticks are HIGHLY pigmented).

Honestly, the way the formula feels on my lips is what sold me on these.  A lot of other liquid lipsticks can feel super drying and flaky on the lips, and I have pretty dry lips already, but these are just comfortable.  Only way I can describe them.  The color payoff is ridiculous and they smell sweet and pleasant. They wear for a seriously long time.

If you have a few bucks to spare (these babies go for a nice $6) pick up a few, they have an awesome range of colors to choose from!

My favorite colors? I’m torn between Donut and Midi 🙂

Check out my swatches below!