Exciting Announcement! Call me a #ColLABorator for L.A.B.2 

Wanted to come on here and share with my amazing readers that I’ve been chosen to work alongside one of my favorite makeup brush lines. I’ve written about LAB2 before and have sang their praises all over Twitter and IG (which we should be friends on TBH), so of course I leaped at the opportunity when they reached out to me, bestowing the huge honor that is being a #ColLABorator. 

What does this mean for my readers? Fun twitter parties, giveaways and cool colLABorations (see what I did there? Hehe). 

I’d never partner or lend my name to a project or brand I didn’t absolutely love. Safe to say that becoming a #colLABorator was a very well thought out partnership. Their brushes aren’t only incredible, they are adorable and cruelty-free and I really love that they stand by that. I’m excited to share what’s next with you all!