Keep Your Skin Glowing This Fall: Review of the Beauty For Real (Total) Glo Body and Face Bronzer 

I know that for most people, the fall means… MATTE! But if you’re like me and like to switch it up, I love a good dewiness once in a while! In fact some radiance is good for the drier skin months! 

The lovely people at Beauty For Real sent me a sample of their (Total) Glo, a moisturizer that bronzes and gives you that perfect Victoria’s Secret angel dew. I love that it’s also safe for the face so you can apply for a gorgeous bronzed highlight too! 

The formula smells great, it’s easy to apply and doesn’t leave any sort of weird streaks. What you’re left with? Gorgeous, dewy skin! This also didn’t transfer on my clothes either which is a huge plus since this Miami Heat can melt other bronzing moisturizers off!  

 I have pretty sensitive skin and this didn’t break me out! Again I also wore it on my face and not one pimple! I really do love the sheen it gives off without the glitter. 

 I love this product and not because they sent it to me but because let’s be honest, who doesn’t wanna glow like JLo? 

You can buy it on their website: 

If you do try it tag me on any pictures you take with it! 🙂