Update One- #Makeup School: What is it? Why do People Attend? What do You Learn? Confessions of a MUA In-Training!

I know I have been mum for a few days. In all honesty, between a full-time job and school (and the homework and projects that go along with it) I find myself wishing for 26 hour days (those 2 extra hours would be split between sleep and working out). Oh and I went to the Dominican Republic for a wedding that NEVER HAPPENED! Ha. But I’m back!


This past September I enrolled in beauty school! >.<  The journey has been long and I struggled with the decision for years. YEARS… Yes, years. I was torn. I’d already attended college, learned a craft and spent considerable amount of time developing a career in said field. I thought to myself “it is wayyy too late to just switch careers.” But I wasn’t happy. Between the beauty blog, the time I spend looking at makeup and learning about the beauty industry and my avid obsession with all things beauty, I knew I had to shift the sails. And so I went for it.

The debate between self-taught MUA’s and those who attend school still stands. It’s still a hot debate and honestly there is no right answer. Every artist has a different path and attend (or don’t) for different reasons. So why attend? For me it was a confidence thing. See, I know makeup, I know beauty products and I know how to work on my own face. But not till very recently was I comfortable approaching someone else’s face. Beauty bloggers (most of them at least) are limited to the canvas they know best; their own face. I love beauty blogging but I also knew I wanted to do something different with makeup, maybe do it on others and so I enrolled into Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry in which I am in the Fashion Makeup Artistry program. Best decision ever.

So what am I learning? Between classes that teach you how to approach ANY face regardless of color or shape and marketing classes that are teaching us how to monetize off being a MUA, I am learning things I would have otherwise had to learn through a lot of trial and error (probably mostly ERROR). I am learning how to carry myself and see myself like a MUA, something I didn’t have before. I am gaining confidence and really building on the skills I already had. The best thing is that I get to make the mistakes in class that I would have otherwise made on a client or deal.

That’s not to say I  won’t make mistakes, I will.  It’s part of the creative process and the learning one. But the mistakes will come with some preconceived knowledge on how to handle them.  The best thing about beauty school is that I’m in on this journey with other amazing people who are also learning but may or may not have a different path and approach than I do. See, some want to do bridal, others special effects and others want to do runway. There’s room for everyone. I’m using makeup school as a way to not only perfect technique but also find my special niche. Where do I fit in, in the beauty world?

Exciting journey… anybody been through makeup school? Any tips? Want to know more? Let me know if you’d like some update posts on tricks I’ve learned or experiences I’ve had! I am down to share!