Travel Beauty: The MOST BIZARRE Beauty Tip I Got in the Dominican Republic (Who has done this?)

beauty shocker

One of the best things about travel is that you get to go outside of your comfort zone and what you know to experience something new. And with the new often comes the bizarre.

Upon my arrival to my home country of the Dominican Republic (which I hadn’t visited in over 6 years) I was immediately informed I’d be stuck in the airport for an hour (AT LEAST). My ride’s car broke down and of course the airport is a ways from my actual hometown. Lucky me, right?

What could have been a potentially bad scenario turned into an opportunity to get to know perfect strangers. I had the pleasure of sharing my food court table with a lovely lady who was waiting for her daughter to arrive from the states. We chatted, got acquainted and soon enough another lovely older woman with bright blonde hair sat at our table and directly looked at me and said “you have the best skin!”

Which I don’t think I do. But I smile thankfully and praise her platinum blonde locks (which were badass).  For an older lady she had some kickass style!

Three women stuck at an airport for varying reasons always results in a discussion leading either to men (which it didn’t) or beauty (and who doesn’t love talking about makeup?). The blonde explained to me how she wanted to even out and brighten her skin but couldn’t find a remedy that worked other than foundation. While she was at awe with how clear my skin looked and poked me with questions about the products I use and other little beauty tips, the waiting mother shocks us with her beauty remedy for uneven skin.


She proudly exclaims ” the best way to lighten your skin and even it out is by using hydrogen peroxide, from like your hair dye, bicarbonate and moisturizer. Slap it on for 15 minutes and then lightly wash off. It’s gonna burn but it works!”

Needless to say blonde lady and I looked at her in shock and proceeded to bombard her with questions…


“What hair dye?”

“How long do you keep it on?”

“Is that even safe?”

“How often do you do it before you see results?”

Although I did ask some of the questions above, and she happily explained to us that she leaves it on for 15 minutes and that we should expect to feel a burning sensation (which definitely turned me further off to the idea), I wasn’t sold. Anything you use to process hair color cannot be safe for the face. But here she sat with us, living testament to the fact that she does indeed do that and she had good skin (which luckily, she did). We were shocked and amazed but I am still not sold.

I don’t know how good of an idea that is.  Has anyone ever heard of this home remedy for lightening skin or clearing uneven skin? Is that even safe?

Do you know of any bizarre beauty tips? Share them!