Perfect for Strobing! The ‘Oh Darling’ highlighter from MAC Cosmetics! (Psst, It’s also a Dupe)

I probably don’t need any more highlighters, but how much is too much right? Till I get the answer to that, I will continue to hoard highlighters so that my cheeks can continue to shine bright like a diamond (hehehe, the Rihanna reference though!).

Soooo, I went ahead and bought the MAC Cosmetics Oh Darling Extra Dimension Skin Finish from their Magic of the Night collection. This one is limited edition and it’s a gorgeous muted yellow gold highlighter ( a good dupe to the Anastasia So Hollywood Illuminator!).  It’s indeed magical.  It does indeed give the face an extra dimension. Done and done.

MAC Oh Darling Extra Dimension Skin FInish

And because I love my readers, check out the swatch! Like, seriously gorgeous! However, if you couldn’t get your hands on this LE Skin Finish, just go ahead and shop for the So Hollywood Illuminator from Anastasia 🙂

MAC Oh Darling LE Swatch Makeup